Ode to the Blog

So in the past I have sent out a weekly family e-mail. Then it extended to a weekly e-mail to family and friends.  Then it incorporated 2 families. Then I started a blog. Now, I am just going to blog. (Yes Dad, blogging has been around for so long that it is now a verb.)  I figure that way if someone is genuinely interested in finding out what we are up to, they can go look, and they don’t have to feel guilty if my “Chatter” remains in their inbox for weeks. Ever since I started writing my Chatter’s I was worried that people might consider them self promoting or something, maybe I am worrying with out reason, but as a result I have decided to just blog.  I do this hesitantly, as I just had a conversation with my Dad in which he revealed that he feels that if you want to tell them something you should write them a letter not expect them to go looking for what you want to tell them. He has a good point. There are things I really want to tell my family, like that I love them, that i was thinking about them, or questions I have about  their lives and upcoming holidays. But generally I don’t really want to tell them the minor details of my life, I have just always been attracted to journaling, and therefore letters were easy and a great way for me to keep in touch. Plus, my family has always been very open and we do chat about things like “how fall’s color changes affect our moods” or “why gardening is invigorating” and therefore it was natural to include similar ponderings in my e-mails.  But I can’t keep recording in so many places. I feel the blog is more appealing, it allows me to record in the moment rather than one bulk e-mail at the end of the week, and it is something Tom and I can do together, not to mention it has a scrapbook-like appeal that fulfills my desires to be more creative- so there you have it! Come: read, comment, view, hopefully laugh on occasion, and keep sending your e-mails! 😉

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