Congrats, Dr. Foutz

mydocI rarely think of my husband as a doctor. He’s a year in and it still surprises me when he comes home in scrubs. And yet as I write this post, and think about how he spends those long 80 hour work weeks, I feel so proud. Tom completed his first year of Residency. He is officially a “senior” now. To start it off he is working his first 24 hr shift today. My thoughts have been with him all day. I love this man. I’m so proud of him. Despite his long stressful weeks he comes home happy, ready to play with his boys, and listen, listen, listen to me.
I rarely talk about Tom’s life on the blog. He works the long hours, while the boys and I play at home. I wish I knew more about his life, so I could write about it from time to time. Perhaps, it’s my turn to start listening more.
I saw a card on Tom’s side of the desk this morning, I haven’t asked his permission but I wanted to share a bit of what it says:
“Tom, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your timeless and selfless efforts. . . Your kind, giving nature and professionalism are reminders of the type of physician we all want to be. Your patients are blessed to have you and so are we!”
Congrats on the completion of your first year, babe. The boys and I are so proud of you, Dr. Dad.


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