Christmas Baking

Today, we did our “Christmas Baking,” as my neighbor put it. I decided to make cinnamon rolls and orange rolls to give out. Scotland was eager to be a part, and was impressively attentive and patient with the rather long process. He helped me make two jelly roll pans full of sweet rolls, as well as four loaves of whole wheat bread. There were several times when I bristled at his contributions (poking the rising bread, pinching the cinnamon rolls in the wrong places so the gooey inside spilled out, squishing the buns as he transferred them from the counter to the pan.) But I quickly reminded myself that allowing him to be a part was more important then perfectly formed rolls. He was thrilled to take part in every step from filling the grinder full of wheat berries, to adding all the ingredients to the bowl, and especially cleaning up gooey counter with his fingers. By the time we were done his shirt had a thick layer of dough and flour, and the kitchen was an absolute mess, but he was happy and I too was thrilled with the results. He was such a champ delivering the treats- smiling as he said “Merry Christmas!” Giving hugs, high fives, and lighting up appropriately when our neighbor suggested he take some gingerbread man cookies home. Delivering the cookies, we delighted at the lights, and enjoyed the Christmas songs on the radio. It was a lovely night, warmed by the thoughts of the great friends and neighbors we have here, and made magical by a darling little boy who never ceases to amaze me.

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