"So, just you and him live there?"

Yesterday, a couple of friends stopped by to see the house and chat, later that evening another couple of friends were driving by and saw me walking in front of the house talking on the phone (because I hardly get reception inside) so they stopped to ask if the house was ours.
Tiffany asked, “So you have that whole place?”
“Yeah, the bottom floor is ours.”
“And just you and him live there?”
She sort of blushed and giggled as she said this, as if doing so- for me. I think she was surprised when I looked back completely at ease and answered yes.
Shelly and Evan had had the same reaction earlier in the day when they had stopped by. The whole school seems unsure of how to respond to the fact that the “innocent, pure, virtuous, untarnished” Kjirsti is living with someone.  They seem confused when I don’t seem embarrassed by it.
I can only hope, that they will understand that that is the joy of marriage- that you don’t have to hide it, talk your way around it, blush about it, or declare it crassly, rather you can openly enjoy it!

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