Uh Tom?!

So I knew that Tom hadn’t eaten dinner last night, but that didn’t stop me from being more than a bit surprised when I woke up to find Tom like this:

Tom's typical breakfast

Okay, not for real. Tom did a bounty of pancakes but not quite that many! As it was conference today and we don’t have church until 12:00 we decided to make pancakes. We have actually not made them once since being married. The last time we made them together I guess was at the Foutzes! Anyway, I found a recipe on my all time favorite website: Allrecipes.com. I guess it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with trying new recipes. I have the new updated Office 2007 that comes with a new program called “OneNote” I love it! It’s like having a stickie pad on your computer, but much better. It is set up to easily save and organize, journal entries, recipes, lists, class notes, etc. I use it extensively for the recipes that I discover on Allrecipes. I love Allrecipes because it comes with comments, so you can see how many people have tried it and if they liked it. You always know when something has 5 stars and has been tried by 200 people it must be good! These pancakes were this type.




That’s the recipe if you are interested. I added as other reviewers suggested 1 tsp of vanilla, and 1tsp of cinnamon. I used all egg whites, half applesauce, and half walnut oil- because we had it. We also added chocolate to a couple of them and raspberries to a few others.



Oh, and for those wondering, the stuff he is pouring is a new syrup we tried when our friend Renee made it for a waffle party we attended. It is crystalized sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and pureed banana- it’s excellent!

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