Every few months I get this overwhelming urge to blog more seriously. It started yesterday and now at 3:00 AM I find myself jazzed and unable to sleep. I must write.
Last night, Tom helped me install Google Adsense and VigLink. During nap hours and late into the night I poured over articles about increasing blog traffic, SEO, and the importance of social networking.
 Natural doubts and questions arise everytime I consider blogging seriously. The skeptic inside me says: What do you have to offer that a thousand other bloggers aren’t already providing? Is this really a good use of your time? Your blog is too broad you need to find more of a niche. You’ll likely expell alot of energy upfront then life will happen and you’ll fizzle out. 
That may all be true, but the fact is, right now this really excites me- why turn down an opportunity for enthusiasm? 
So we’ll see where this goes. I’ve decided to make our site open to Google’s searching fingers. As you may notice I’ve added a few ads. I’m hoping this increased attention will propel me to blog better and more thoughtfully. 
Whenever these love affairs for blogging arise they spin around to the same question- Why blog? I explored the topic here, here and here. Each time the answer is slightly different. Today, I’m feeling a desire to expand my stakes, to enlarge my sphere of influence, to go into the world and serve. 
It’s comments like this one from a college buddy that make me think I can do that through blogging:
“I loved your birthday blog post at the end. It was very inspiring, as I feel like I am going through the same stress with almost the same life events. Thanks for the positive words!” 
So, join me on this journey! Feel free to comment, click on links, or simply read silently. I’d love your feedback along the way, what do you like, what would you like to read more of, what drives you crazy? Because, really, this blog is for you!

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