This is probably the best video I could find of the launch. From our view, it was AWESOME in person, but probably wouldn’t be more than a speck on the camera.
Here’s my summary of the launch.
There were a ton of people on the beach, which created a really great atmosphere. Most people were in their 20’s-50’s. There were a lot of families, and a lot of guys who had always dreamed of seeing a launch (like me). There were some absolutely incredible binoculars, and camera’s with super zooms.
So we were only out there for ~ 2 hours. They went through a bunch of checks, and then we didn’t hear anything for about an hour. And then, all of a sudden, they started the countdown. 10, 9, 8…… Smoke was pouring out of the rocket…..7,6,5… could barely see the shuttle, there was so much smoke….4,3,2,1,Lift off! And up comes the rocket! It quickly accelerates, and gets higher and higher every second. Everything has been silent up to this point, but you start to hear the rumble of the rockets. The sound grows louder and louder each second. Then we saw the shuttle roll, and begin to shrink in size. Through binoculars, I watched the solid state booster rockets separate and return to earth (they reuse them).
Then the shuttle became a beautiful star, visible in daylight. It was simply incredible. Within minutes, they were in space!

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