Holden Arboretum

“A Gift for Mom:”  This was Tom’s catch, and the winner of the day. 
After seven years in the area we finally made it to the Holden Arboretum. It’s one of the largest arborteum/botanical gardens in the United States. So while we enjoyed several hours there we only saw a slice. We’ll definitely be going back for more! I can’t wait to see the rhododendron garden in the spring!
Hoping to catch some of the exquisite fall colors, we took the camera along. While you get a sense for the magnitude of color, Scotland was still the main subject of our photos. He’s so cute, how can we resist? 

Tom was sweet enough to take a few pictures of me and my boy. I love this one.

I love the origami-like quality of this grass’ seed pods. 

Dark-eyed boy (Bottom teeth only)

Tom and I were amazed at how a couple of hours in nature calmed our spirits and enlivened our minds. All seems simpler when surrounded by the beauty of trees. I love that Tom and I share a love of photography. After a picture heavy post a few days ago, I wondered if this was getting to be too much, but  reminded myself that this is my blog. Only those who choose, view it. Pioneer Woman had a photography post a few weeks ago about looking back on past photography and taking note of how far one had come. I hope this blog can be not only a log of our life, but also a record of our photographical journey. 

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