The Journey of Life

As you might have seen in Kjirsti’s lovely photo mosaic, we went to Houston.  I found the trip so inspiring, as I think texans really do a good job at trying to enjoy life.  I had a great talk with a fellow in the library, who’s retired, and studies “drilling mechanics” in his free time.  Many people in houston gave me the impression that they were happy with life. And then, this morning, I came across a lovely little animation, that I hope you all like.  It’s a age-old lesson, but one I always have to remind myself of. Enjoy! 

2 responses to “The Journey of Life”

  1. I don’t know if I can completely agree with this video’s ideas. I do understand that we are to enjoy life along the way–I agree. However, I don’t think that I’m viewing my goals as let downs. The video made me feel a bit like, sure, you graduate college, go to graduate school, get in the work force and realize that you’ve arrived and that’s a let down. Is it?
    We just finished school and started our career and I promise you that I don’t feel let down at all. If anything, I feel more excited about being at this point than any other point in my life. There’s finally some stability–a job to provide for our family instead of worrying how long those student loans will hold out.
    I understand he’s trying to say in the video that we should be enjoying all of this as we go along, but we don’t. I guess that’s what I disagree with. I am enjoying it. Without that carrot (goal) dangling in front of me, that’s depressing. There is so much excitement in reaching those goals. It’s a very fine balance in enjoying life so much that you never graduate from college (I’m discovering myself) or never decide to have kids (we have so much we want to do before we settle down). Too many people are “enjoying” themselves away I think. The goals are necessary to the excitement of the enjoyment.
    Maybe I should make my own video huh?

  2. Thanks for you comment Audrey!
    I feel like I understand some of what your saying, and agree to a certain point. Life without goals is pretty meaningless; life without achieving goals is disappointing.
    However, as I work and associate with many unhappy, goal centered people, I recognize that they are missing the whole point. Perhaps their goals are out of whack, and if they replaced their current goals with others, than they would be happy. But for many of them, I think they are so focused on the next stage of life that they don’t realize they are actually doing what they love, and that there really isn’t any other thing they’d rather be doing. This should make them happy, but I’m not sure they realize it.
    I am currently working on a number of goals, many of which won’t be complete until I’m 40+ years old. I don’t think postponing my happiness until that time is a very beneficial course. Instead, I was reminded this morning that I need to keep working on my goals, but never forget to enjoy my life as it is being played out.
    I’m always fascinated by how everyone has such different reactions!
    And I would love to see your video, Audrey!

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