Happy Easter!


    It has been a beautiful holy week for Tom and I. The holiday has helped us focus more on our Savior and we have been more diligent in reading our scriptures each night together. We have loved the March Ensign with it’s beautiful pictures and stirring messages. This morning we had our ward Easter program. It turned out nicely. We had several solos, some choir numbers, one with flute, a number feature 4 primary children: 3 singing, and 1 on the piano. As well as a nice narration. It was the first program I have ever put together and I have to admit I was more than a little stressed about it last week. However, I am grateful for the experience, as it really brought me closer to Christ. I sang an arrangement of “More Holiness Give Me,” one of my favorite hymns. Tom sang in the choir as one of our two tenors! I am always impressed by how the spirit always pulls things together. The program fit perfectly around the subject of the one speaker, though I had not read his talk, and numbers that had sounded shaky last week were confident and smooth. I’m grateful for that assistance.

    One could hardly call the weather around here springy but out of open defiance, I wore an Easter dress anyway. I was freezing all day, but at least I had the right spirit!



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  1. You look so beautiful!! I love you hair down and you look great in that dress! (You too, Tom. 😉 ) Can’t wait to see you both.

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