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  • Alooooha!

    We are back to the mainland after a lovely stay in Paradise! We recommend it to everyone. Our favorite memories where: kayaking to an abandoned beach and cracking open coconuts, body boarding with turtles, watching and participating in Adrienne and Jeremy’s gorgeous wedding, watching the spectacular Review at the Polynesian Cultural Center with Tom’s Fam,…

  • What?!- Hawaii!!

    It’s crazy to think that we are heading off for yet another fabulous vacation in two days. Tuesday morning early we leave for Hawaii. Due to Adrienne and Jeremy’s wedding, we are going, and we decided to elongate the trip a bit to include a little second honeymoon. We are looking forward to seeing the…

  • We're up and running

    Hello all and welcome to our up and working website. Thanks to a lot of hard work on Tom’s part. We are excited to have a site where we can share photos, and our latest news. Feel free to comment!