Tonight, Tom was away (on an information panel for future missionaries). The setting sun was warm and strong so I bundled Scotland up and headed out to practice capturing Sunflare- the challenge for my Photography club this month. Then after putting Scotter to sleep I sat down to the ever overwhelming Photoshop to try my hand at a little editing. Most often such attempts end in frustration as I realize way too much time was spent with far too few improvements. Tonight, however, I would call a success. 
Keep in mind I literally took this shot in my driveway- I’m just trying to figure out camera angle, aperature, and shutter speed when trying to capture sunflares. I wasn’t going for subject matter here. Regardless, I actually like this shot.


I liked the twisted trunk and I love the strong diagonal line from the sun to the ray on the right. But, obviously the parking sign had to go.


Not award winning, but it reminds me of portraits of deeply wrinkled elderly. The definance of the “Rule of Thirds” demands attention from the viewer to this old wizened tree. (If I was a photoshop pro, I would remove the tree to the right all together.) 

Scotland was in a great mood- and gave me all sorts of smiles. Here are my two favorites:

Impish grin (if you want to see the before- scroll to the bottom)

 Please take note of his FOUR teeth!

The rest of these are for the Grandmas, Uncles and Aunts. They’re horrible shots- but show the playful, funny side of Scotland. 



His latest is he opens his mouth wide open like this and say “AH!” really loud- waiting to see your reaction!

If you want to see how much magic Photoshop can do. Here’s the before shot of my above favorite:


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  1. That is some amazing Photoshop work with that shot of Scotland! The best part is that the edited version doesn’t LOOK overly-shopped. Sure, it looks a little warmed up and I can tell you put a vignette on, but it’s really good work without being obvious. Well done! (Not to mention it’s an adorable photo to begin with…I’d totally frame the finished version, though!)

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