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  • Grading

    I grade papers for Ms. Mahy’s English Diction class. I find it a difficult task. Especially on short answer questions. Tom and I have been discussing test writing skills and the fact that many professors lack them. When a question contains two parts but then signifies that it is worth 3 points- doesn’t that mean […]

  • Ode to the Blog

    So in the past I have sent out a weekly family e-mail. Then it extended to a weekly e-mail to family and friends.  Then it incorporated 2 families. Then I started a blog. Now, I am just going to blog. (Yes Dad, blogging has been around for so long that it is now a verb.)  […]

  • Pick her- Pick him!

    I had another audition, for yet another performance opportunity. I am delighted to say the audition went really well. This time I tried a new technique, I didn’t prepare. I was singing the same rep I had performed last week for the concerto competition, so I was musically prepared. However, this time I waited until […]

  • Barbara Ann Barbara Ann

    Today after Stake Conference Tom, Erin, and I traveled to the gorgeous town of Kent to visit our dear friend Barb Huff. We loved the beautiful windy route through painted trees and peaceful lakes. It was wonderful to see Barb. We have missed her presence in Oberlin.  We loved seeing her in her new role […]

  • Gaston

    I just liked this video so much. Go Devin and Phil!

  • Cuts for everyone!

    Monday night Tom and I both arrived home around 8:00. We ate dinner together and then both went about doing our own things. Tom was working on his homework, and I was research and organizing the information I found on Grad schools into an excel spreadsheet. For feminine reasons, I was particularly frustrated at this […]

  • "So, just you and him live there?"

    Yesterday, a couple of friends stopped by to see the house and chat, later that evening another couple of friends were driving by and saw me walking in front of the house talking on the phone (because I hardly get reception inside) so they stopped to ask if the house was ours. Tiffany asked, “So […]

  • Update

    Kjirsti has been doing such a good job at this blog, I thought it was about time I added my own thoughts. My work has been going quite well, I’ve been working with monkeys and computers, a hysterical mix. It is surprising how smart they are. You just need to be two steps ahead of […]

  • Uh Tom?!

    So I knew that Tom hadn’t eaten dinner last night, but that didn’t stop me from being more than a bit surprised when I woke up to find Tom like this: Okay, not for real. Tom did a bounty of pancakes but not quite that many! As it was conference today and we don’t have […]

  • Shorn by Ms. Horne

    So perhaps the title is dramatic, but it accurately describes my feelings after my recent lesson with Ms. Horne. After my difficult year last year with my voice I had only recently been regaining my confidence, when it was completely stripped. I don’t feel the need to go into the specifics of the lesson, more […]