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  • Question:

    Is it bad if I would rather talk to my family, write to my family,  and read about my family than do just about anything else? This morning I woke up early determined to use my extra hour thanks to Daylight savings to study for my French exam at 10:00. I got online to check […]

  • Blog to our Bog

    I have oft mentioned how thrilled I am to live in this lovely area and beautiful home. However such comments have been made with little consideration for one grand annoyance. Those of you who live in the dessert might not understand the occurrences that take place in our place, such as patches of mold/mildew forming […]

  • Happy November!

    As we promised, we have updated our blog template. We debated over several, one was a simple brown scheme, elegant and artistic, there were several autumn-y-falling leaf types, and this one. At first we thought we would choose the first, but when it came down to it, this little fantastical cottage won. We liked the […]

  • 7 things you might not know about me

    So Audrey, darling sister that she is, tagged me. Again, I might add! Which means I’m supposed to respond to the question of what 7 things to people not know about me. I have struggled to think of anything, as the main readers of this blog are my family, and my closest friends. Let’s just […]

  • I love teaching!

    Last week I was teaching one of my students, Zoe. We were working a song with some difficult rhythmic passages. I was having her clap along with me, to get the feeling of the rhythm in her body. I noticed she was copying me, and realized that if I didn’t go to the root of […]

  • Fall break is finished.

    Tomorrow I return to classes and life. This week has been so wonderful. I loved having enough time at the gym that I could run and lift weights. I enjoy exercising so much more when I don’t have to cram it into a 45 min block. I guess the same goes with singing. there were […]

  • Dinner Party

    Yesterday we had several of Tom’s med school friends over for dinner, in belated celebration of our wedding. It was a lovely night, and perhaps the first really fancy dinner we have given. It was fun to set the table using our new place settings, as well as to use several of the class serving […]

  • A morning with Photoshop

    I have been wanting to learn some new skills on Photo shop for the last year or so. Tom has been showing me techniques from time to time, because he listens/watches to a daily pod cast about it. Today, after reinstalling photo shop I decided to spend the morning learning a few new techniques. It […]

  • Toronto with the Acorda's

    This week is my fall break, and Monday and Tuesday Tom had break as well. So since our trip to Athens fell through we decided to head up to Toronto. I have been wanting to go for a while, and since we had the time we decided to go for it. Remembering the family we […]

  • I'm finished!

    Fall break has officially begun- well I guess I still have art history, but I audit that so it’s a fun class, and I have a piano lesson, and I enjoy that too. This wasn’t a stressful week for me fortunately, I only had one tough midterm. Tom and I are heading to Toronto for […]