Category: Chiara

  • Our girl, Chia

    Don’t mind her bed head, I’m kind of crazy about it. This girl, she has all my heart. (Even when she picks my flowers!) Inspired by my brother, Devin, I decided to get my “big” camera out and enjoy a photoshoot with these two. Too bad Anders was sleeping. . . well just a good…

  • Blessing dress

    As I mentioned do to a blow out I didn’t get a picture of Chiara in the actual dress she was blessed in on the day of. So now, more than month later, I finally did. Here’s a few picts of Chiara 3.5 months old in her blessing dress.

  • Chiara: 1.5 week photoshoot

    I had so much fun photographing our little beauty yesterday. Chiara likes to be very warm, or preferably sweaty hot, so despite the heater pumping away next to her, she wasn’t keen on anĀ undressed, unwrapped state. I was hoping to get a few more newborn body picts- capturing her skinny legs, long feet and narrow…